Los Angeles Free Spine Care: Putting Philanthropy Back in Medicine

Modern day medicine and professionals in this industry understand the importance of compassion and altruism now more than ever. A patient’s well being is the ultimate goal of successful doctors, and achieving this is made easier when they are given the necessary tools, those being advancements in technology that benefit the less fortunate.

Bill and Melinda Gates started the organization known as Grand Challenges to identify the world’s biggest health problems, and fund the researchers dedicated to solving them. This program was designed to compensate for areas in which “capitalism fails to meet the needs of the poor.” Efforts like this are what define philanthropy, which is why my partners and I started the Los Angeles Free Spine Care program through Miracle Mile Medical Center.

This is a charitable foundation created for individuals throughout Greater Los Angeles who suffer from spinal conditions and complications, providing a range of treatments. These include both operative and non-operative orthopedic, spine, podiatric, general surgery, interventional pain management, and rehabilitation programs costing nothing to patients who are uninsured.

Los Angeles Free Spine receives referrals from the Saban clinic and the Venice family clinic, who manage all medical, social, and other associated needs of the patients. The spine institute focuses on the spinal surgical spinal issues only.

Myself and the other clinicians at LAFS work directly with the Saban Clinic, facilitating timely, efficient medical care for all of our patients. The moment someone steps into our facility, they are met with open arms and managed by a skilled physician to best optimize the medical and social benefits that come during and after treatment, no matter what they are suffering from. Conditions may include lumbar herniation, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, or cervical myelopathy.

One such patient, Cesar Diolivera, said that he found enormous success through the LAFS program after undergoing surgery in 2012. “I had a lot of back pain,” he stated. “For about 4 years, I couldn’t stand up straight or walk more than half a block. The only relief I had was from lying down. My social life suffered. After surgery, I saw 100% improvement. I can walk 5-8 blocks without a problem, work for hours, socialize, and even go to the gym.”

Diolivera also noted that the scar following his surgery was very small. Minimally invasive surgery comes with a variety of benefits, including much less blood loss, lower chances of post-op infections or complications, and a faster recovery time; something we at LAFS pride ourselves on.

Incorporating philanthropy in the world of medicine does not require traveling across the globe to help those in underdeveloped countries. It starts with helping patients at home. At the Los Angeles Free Spine Care, our goal is to build a healthier city, one person at a time.


1 thought on “Los Angeles Free Spine Care: Putting Philanthropy Back in Medicine”

  1. Totally agree with you Dr Tepper. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions and fears about spinal problems in general. I suppose it is the same in the US. Educating the people about common spinal conditions is very important. Your Los Angeles free spine care is very a interesting concept and I would like to know more about it.

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